Choosing a platform for my career advice content is atop my mind between ongoing #SaveAsianBoss and so much recent buzz about how LinkedIn is the place to be (example post plus friends’ recent chatter). I choose my own domain exclusively for my own content to maximize control and narrative.The hosting is not my own although no solution is my own short of the 1995 way of running a webhost out of one’s own closet. Too much security concern as such. Less so about reliability as ironically the cloud infrastructure industry reduced costs and eased configuration and vice versa.

Platform is not important because sharing a link is universally supported. LinkedIn’s allowed long post lengths to capture content for a captive audience, but like any algorithm (don’t call it AI, it’s far from it just like how most data monkeys are far from being data scientists) driven service, demonetization and, yet worse, being rendered invisible (popular issue at Twitter where my own Tweets won’t show even to myself given one’s own posts are a priority) is an unwanted risk. Wiser is to keep the content safe inside one’s wheelhouse then share that URL.