Politics and work are claimed never to mix well, but I must emphasize how politics reveals traits which render their believers unsuitable for being coworkers, employees, superiors, or in business. HR screens are poorly circumvented by gladhanding, background checks are mere public records searches, and interview processes are knowingly compromised by a wide variety of cognitive biases (confirmation bias, etc.).

Some not merely tolerate but seek, crave, and propel disinformation, misinformation, lies, accusations, meanness, bullying, needless personal attacks, and other negatives. They go first to evil when confronted with truths or facts or contest.

Those who are or empower unjust, authoritarian, and loud-mouthed people aren’t worth in your work or life. Two prior jobs where the boss was a frat boy, a terrible manager, and even worse human beings prove my point. They’ve privilege and defend it without limit. Their professional performance is poor, easier seen years afterwards as attrition decreases profits and clientele. They’re kept in roles beyond use, justification, or repair because they’re loud, angry, and defensive. Defunding, disempowering, and publicizing such folks is the only answer.

Some delight in disregarding for the sake of disregarding, adding gaslighting as further delight. They’ve been so resentful at their own failures that they despise numbers, science, credibility, decency, respect, social convention, professionalism, ideals, etc. They revel in burning souls more than Satan. So many employers marketing as if a nice place to work and have “diversity” (definitions vary), but that’s merely marketing. Watch out for these warning signs during interviews. Work is a trade of time for money so deny those who are cruel to other’s ideals, values, and souls. Deny support to any odious employers by withholding your labor, talents, and time.

Bad work environments create fired employees whose resentments can breed their becoming yet more horrible people. They channel their sense of being wronged, wanting revenge, sticking it to unjust superiors, and discarding existing systems as to recursively feed resentment, anger, and frustration. Some live a Machiavellian hell where their only goal is to destroy not create. It’s an unfortunate situation even for the more idealistic, but we must name and cast away such.

Next article will discuss how some employers can handle such employees without their usual fear of legal retribution.