Whether one terms it as job hunting never ends, lifelong learning, always being market relevant, technical pride and upkeep, etc., there is no end to a full stack developer’s learning.

However, I’ve warnings per experience:

Avoid learning new languages just because a role dictates which may lead to burn out or diluting one’s skills or the opportunity cost of a bunny trail. Push back if your job endangers your career. For example, I learned Python just because a particular library for a Microsoft Access database was needed at prior role JFS and at that time, none in JS (JavaScript) was viable and the company absolutely needed it so … off I went for 15mos. Yet, that time learning and using it from scratch may never be used/useful again plus I lost opportunity cost of time gaining far more useful invaluable experience in JavaScript ES6+ which is far more market wanted now. Even among data scientists who’re the result of Microsoft’s plugging Python in its developer-heavy forays with touting Visual Studio Code 10y ago which is now starting to wane, it’s not useful for me to know Python.

Avoid learning for the sake of learning. Judge what’s directly useful for market relevance. Not much of learning matters if not compensated for it. Ideals like satisfaction and pride and recognization can be kept and achieved.

With higher work load learning, often done in wee hours since working hours and real life deeds compete for time, may require more self-care to ensure stamina, focus, and mental space are sufficient. Late nights offer more quiet, lower inhibitions, and fewer interruptions, but the paydown is less rest which has its own harms. Be sure you’re choosey about your career, job, tasks, projects, learning, everything so it’s all keeping you in happiest form.