Actual interview questions and how they were warning signs for the job afterwards:

Q: “Name a time you had do something against your manager’s advice. How did you handle it?” A: Ended up this manager, a comparative literature major, expected to run me the Tech Lead over with her various political alliances with vendors as to risk the project’s viability thus 1y overdue and $2M overbudget with still no clue what to do. Question shows manager’s insecurity, lashing out, and eventual not converting a contract role. Good on her as I’d had it with the unethical behaviour.

Q: “What was your greatest challenge? How did you overcome it?” A: It’s Elon Musk’s famed test of a liar. They’re checking if you sweat and if you can give detailed recount of the problem and solution. Quickly give details to end any doubt about your crediblity.

Q: “Why did you leave all these firms?” A: If asked by a hiring or prospective manager and not the usual HR screeners, it’s suggestive they’re sensitive to folks leaving so you must ask them back about their team’s turnover, attrition, morale, why people leave it, how many they fire and layoff (big banks mass layoff each 2y and rehire en masse to control payroll to please shareholders) and terminate (other reasons) and such.